A Refuge

Counselling, is a time for you to take a moment for yourself away from the stresses, responsibilities and pressures of your day. It’s fifty minutes just for you, to discover your perhaps forgotten skills, competencies, beliefs and values that have been hidden and buried beneath the stress and pressures you are facing. You will be supported and encouraged in a respectful, non-blaming and honoring space, where those hidden parts will be supported to move more fully into life.

An Invitation

As humans, we live our lives as stories. We interpret and find meaning in all our daily experiences. These experiences are linked together in a particular sequence creating our story. We have many stories about ourselves including: our relationships, our abilities, our success’ and failures, what we struggle with and what we are good at, our desires our interests, our work. The way we have developed these stories is influenced by many things outside of ourselves such as society, culture and family. I invite you to share your story, to examine what has shaped your story, and to courageously begin writing a new one.

A Collaboration

You know yourself best, so this is a highly interactive process where you play a significant role in the counselling process. My role is to listen, to be present and beside you, and together collaborate with you to access your ability to work through challenges and establish the preferred life you want to be living.

Jenny Johnston MA, MTC

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Committed to personal holistic growth; I support myself through ongoing education, being creative, a regular practice of yoga and mindfulness, getting outside and near the water, and time with friends and family.

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